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cccFinance Department
The Finance Department is responsible for the museum’s financing affairs, the sale of entrance tickets, payment collecting, visitors counting, and the reporting of professional titles for the professional technicians of the museum.
Reception Department
The duty of the Reception Department is to make preparation and arrangement for the various political receptions as per the directives of the museum leaders.
Research Center
The work of the Research Center includes the following: selection of scientific research topics, publishing of works, filing and preservation of books and photographic data, and relevant scientific research.
Business Department
The responsibilities of the Business Department include the preservation, collection, classification and preservation of cultural relics in the museum and the storehouse, acceptance, cataloguing and filing of cultural relics, management and scientific protection of the dada and collection of cultural relics, display and exhibition design, art design and label design.
Department of Publicity and Education
The Department of Publicity and Education is responsible for the building of the guide team of the museum, construction and publicity of spiritual civilization, relative work as a patriotic education base, guidance at exhibition, signing agreements on tourism, usage and maintenance of the touch screen visitors’ guide system, information service, visitors survey, patriotic education and other forms of social education activities.
Operation Department
The Operation Department is in charge of the maintenance of the ancient architectures in the museum and the management of commercial buildings, offices and operation stalls.
Security Department
The Security Department works for the security of the whole museum. It has 24-hour monitoring over the safety of equipments in the exhibition hall and the storehouse. In addition, it is also responsible for the comprehensive management of the safety of cultural relics as well as visitors in open areas, the management of fire fighting and extinguishment devices, and the supervision over the implementation of relevant security policies.

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